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A Totally Free Online Resource Center
Dedicated to the Heart & Soul of Mankind!

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This is a Very Unique and Special Website!
Divinely-Inspired, With Hidden Treasures
and Pearls of Wisdom Within.
May You Find Them All!

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Find out who your ideal sun-sign partner is,
and who else you are most compatible with.

Click here to find your soulmate, take a love test, visit Dear Abby, send love letters, love poems, or download a Valentine to send to your sweetheart.
Click here to find your soulmate, take a love test, visit Dear Abby, send love letters, love poems, or download a Valentine to send to your sweetheart.

Trying to find your soulmate?
Place or answer a (free) ad today!

Get in Shape For That Date!

3-Day Cardiac Diet

A simple three-day diet that really works! This
fad diet, also known as the Birmingham Hospital Diet,
claims you can lose up to 40 lbs in a month! Good Luck!

New Mayo Clinic Diet

If you don't like eating alot of tuna, or become bored with the diet above,
here is another structured fad diet that's been around for 30 years. This
one is a very simple 1-day diet (repeated for 12 days). It offers
a better variety of food to eat for a longer period of time.

Why spend money on cards and postage when you can send a
free greeting card? There are hundreds of cards to choose from, and
for every occassion imaginable. Why, you can even use your own photo images!

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online atlasonline dictionaryonline library of great books
gov. documentsmedical encyclopediaarea codeszipcodescrafts & projects

Set your computer to the exact time!Download a neat prg about plants. Have you ever
wondered what a certain breed of dog looks like? Just click on the appropriate images.

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Find Someone

Click here to find someone by their name. Click here to find someone by their phone number.

Can you name the seven continents?
Would you like to see all the fifty state flags?
Do you know where Aruba, Jamica, Bermuda, Fiji, Hawaii,
the Virgin Islands, and the Bahamas are? How about some
tourist information and maps to plan your next vacation?

All The Very Best Free Online Games Are Here Also!

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There are 28 links here to check out. Some are really neat!

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Get Internet Explorer 8 and/or critical updates.
Internet Explorer 8 is awesome! Check it out!

Be sure to check out the Cartoon Characters section
of the Art Gallery. There are alot of neat surprises there.
Included are links to free online comics, cartoons, and
games.You can also print-out 210 FREE cartoon cards!

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Or Click Here to Buy Incense Click Here to Buy Bath Salts

The above link is for those who have come to
this site looking for the Heart & Soul Metaphysical
Shop, which, unfortunately, does not exist online.

The American "sleeping" prophet who could tap into an unknown
source of knowledge to heal people physically and spiritually.
Included are 22 topics of great interest from his readings
and a link to all of his readings as they were recorded.

Online Bible

If you have been curious about the Koran, click here to read it!

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Genuine, non-denominational,
and universal "food" for your spiritual body.
If you are thirsting for "the real thing", this is it!

This page has detailed-website links to Dr. Phil, Gary Zukav, Oprah,
Tony Robbins, Father Leo, Leo Buscaglia, Deepak Chopra, Edgar Cayce, and more.

Learn how to truly love from your heart and soul.

Click here to take the Spiritual Journey.
Click here to feed your soul!

Online Spiritual Tools

This is your very own Spiritual Journal, a small eight-page booklet that will help you grow spiritually. You can take notes and even save them with just a click of your mouse. Please check it out. All of Jesus's Teachings taken directly from the Holy Bible (KJV). This divinely-inspired book features a table of contents and an index for you to easily locate a specific teaching, or you can read it all the way through.

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Check out this awesome book!
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