Note: To play the game, click on the button that says 'Applet'. To Download it, click on the 'WinThello' button.
They have several neat online games to play (for free) that you won't find on other sites, classics like 'Pac Man' and 'Donkey Kong', and a great version of 'Shove It' and 'Pharaoh's Tomb'.

Daily Jigsaw Puzzle (Make it or Send it)

Click here to see the six gorillas - live! - at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston. Click here to view the shark and other sealife in the giant ocean tank at the New England Aquarium in Boston. This is a truly live cam! Click here to view pictures from the 'live' cams of the polar bear at the Toledo Zoo in Toledo, Ohio. This is not a continuous live cam like the gorilla and shark cam are.

Update: Unfortunately, the only Live Cam now running is the Shark Cam

But You Can Click Here to View Pictures from the "Live" Cams at the Toledo Zoo
(They also have several well-done, educational video-clips to view!
Click on the link above, then scroll down to "Zoo Today TV".)

Click here to access all the major search engines and a few specialized ones.

Check them out!

Pharaoh's Casino - The Hottest Multiplayer on the Net

Pharaoh's Casino - The Hottest Multiplayer on the Net
Play for fun or for real. This Internet Casino has the very best graphics and
sound effects! Be sure to check out the Gold Pirates slots, you will love them!

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