The Art Of Manifesting Love

To perfect our worlds, we each need to learn how to Love.
Jesus often spoke of the importance of love,
even making it a commandment,
a greater commandment.
(John 13:34).

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It only follows, that if we truly and deeply loved each other,
and God,
there would not be any murders, beatings, or rapes. There
would be no stealing, jealousy, or disrespect of any kind.

Jesus knew that if we believed in the Oneness of God
and just loved God and each other with all our
hearts and souls, we wouldn't need any other
law or commandment. (Mark 12:28-34)
and (Matthew 22:34-40)

All we need is love.

When John, Paul, George, and Ringo sang,
All You Need Is Love,

this is what they were saying too.

much love
have we shown
each other in the
past 2000 years? How
much have we grown? How
far do we have yet to go? Are
we really followers of Christ? Are
we obeying His two Greater Commandments?

Peace be with you.
Please work at your own personal development.
And please help your children; they learn the most from you.
We have too many blind leading the blind now, too many children
rearing children. We need to help each other see what is truly important
in this life. We need to know the true purpose for being here. And we need
to realize it is an opportunity for everyone to become something very, very
special.Remember this, no one is left out. We are all God's seeds. We are
all loved, very, very deeply. Wouldn't Jesus tell you this face-to-face?
That is how you know if something is true.

What Would Jesus Say?
or... What Would Jesus Do?
These should be your only words to live by,
if you are, indeed, a follower of Christ, a true
Christian. How many times a day do you compare your
behavior with Jesus's? Shouldn't we be doing this more
then we currently are? What other role model do we need?
What other guidelines for living do we need?

Jesus is our standard-bearer, for He was the most perfect, most spiritually developed
human-being that ever lived. He was (and always will be) the epitomy of love.
Look how He is so adored, and so worshipped, even after 2000 years!
He wanted (and still wants) us to know that we are capable of
being just like Him. He always spoke of following Him...
...for to do so would lead one to God.

If God is Love, then surely, the only way to establish God's kingdom here on earth
is through the heart. What other way is there? Even if Jesus came out of the
clouds and "landed" on earth, would that instantly change us? Was He
able to purify everyone's heart when He was here the first time?

So why didn't He wave a magic wand and make the world a better place?
Why hasn't He "reappeared" in the last 2000 years? ....... isn't that
rather cruel to let us wait so long? ....... The answer to these
questions is: we were made with a free will, we have to
do this "thing" ourselves. We can be guided and led,
but we cannot be forced to drink. There needs
to be a thirst inside .... a thirst for love ....
............ the spiritual kind ............

* * *

A Christmas Message

Compare your soul to a garden......if left alone you have no garden....only wilderness...a wild, natural state of being that is subject to the random acts of consider when you take the time and effort to cultivate a beautiful too is your soul just as dependent on you! God does not directly tend to a garden nor does "He" directly tend to your soul. There are many things we don't know, but this doesn't mean that not-yet-acquired knowledge isn't there; to the contrary, all knowledge is ever-present just like your favorite radio station is always "there" only need to tune into it. In summary, the results of your own spiritual-growth is contingent upon your own expectations, the amount of time and effort you put into it, and the degree of desire you possess. How beautiful is your garden? ....How beautiful is your soul?

You may be thinking that beauty is in the "eye of the beholder"....but truly, divine beauty is as universal as a smile; laughter; a kiss or hug; harmonious, soothing music; golden sunshine providing light and life; perfect symmetry in nature; harmonious colors; and sparkling, pure, clean water, glistening gems, shiny metallic substances, and the colorful dew drops arched in a prismed-sky.

As the world shrinks in size, (due to instant global communication and interaction), so do our diversities. We are, literally, becoming "one people" and are now being forced to learn how to get along. The old-fashioned ways of settling differences no longer apply. We are developing a new-world order...and its been inside of us all along! Hurray for technology! Now if we could only set our priorities straight and realize why we are here in the first place.

Are our lives as meaningless as the leaves that come and go? Does a weed choke-out the life of a beautiful, delicate flower because it is evil? Is there a higher life-form (then the weed) that is able to protect and nurture that weaker, more fragile flower? Is there a higher beauty and purpose to the strangling weed or to the delicate flower that produces life-sustaining fruit to many other life-forms as well as to its self? No longer do we, mankind, live solely in the physical realm where the strongest survive and where revenge is the creed of the day. We are now in the "land" where "the meek shall inherit the earth". As the delicate flower has been oppressed by the stronger weed, once plucked, the weed no longer has any power, and the delicate flower can now grow stronger and more beautiful! "Meek" does not mean "weak", for if it did, the meek would not survive, and the world would have become a mere wilderness with no higher life-forms, and no other purpose then living for a spell and then dying like a mere leaf on a tree. It is the divine nature within us all that gives this world meaning! It gives us true, ever-lasting purpose, and a reason to be here! There is far more to love, then the physical/chemical/biological attraction known as lust. There is far more to man then his physical/chemical/biological/genetic make-up. There is a whole 'nother world/realm/kingdom/nature, all inside.....latent for thousands of years......barely visible.....but there, nevertheless. No man can squelch it, lest he blow-up the entire universe...which no man is capable of doing. No man is greater then what created him. No man is more knowledgable then what created him. A painting is only a creation of the creator....only a small faction of the too is we are only the creations. And yet we are reflections of our Creator....just as the painting reflects the painter.

This was a special Christmas message to you!
(It came to me December 24th, 2000)

Merry Christmas!
Today and every day!

With Love,

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