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A Message From Starlight
Rewritten October 15, 2001

Needless to say, there have been some very major changes in all our lives, here, in America. Will we ever feel as safe again? The answer is a definite "Yes"! But it will take some time.

Our military hand was forced as in self-defense. We have as much right to defend our selves as if we were personally being attacked by a wild animal. If a rogue animal that has killed humans is not destroyed it will continue to kill humans. Such are these terrorists that have no sense of compassion, decency, or love in their hearts! How ironic it is that they claim to believe in God! They couldn't be more removed from God and even their own religion. The terrorist leaders only believe in power and they don't care how they get it!

The young terrorist followers have grown-up in an atmosphere of the worst kind and they really don't know any other way of life. They are brain-washed into believing perverted truths and are being used as pawns by the terrorist leaders. This should have been stopped years ago! But it wasn't, and now the entire world is suffering!

It is the duty of every leader of every nation to guide and protect his or her people. The good Islamic leaders need to step-up and do their part in subduing the hostility that many Islamic people feel. Why aren't they helping each other? What good is it to pray to God forty times a day and do nothing to ease a child's hunger pains, or do nothing to settle major disputes peacefully, or do nothing to stop children from turning into terrorists? Again, I ask, what good are all the prayers?

The following pages were all written well before the September 11th attacks. So please bear in mind, they came from another era in time. We will never be able to go back to that time, but we can make this world a better place then it has ever been!

The following (written in the year 2000) is meant to not only enlighten but to unify Christians as well:

The teachings I have come to know are very easy to understand but not so easy to adhere to, as you can see how mankind has progressed (spiritually) so very slowly in the past 2000 years.

We seem to have gotten sidetracked, here, in the United States of America. We spend more time making money and developing technology then making peace and developing our souls. We don't even speak of soul-development, as if it is something to be ashamed of. It is time, especially as Christians, to get back to the grassroots of Christianity and follow Christ Himself. His teachings are easy to understand and don't require an interpreter. If we are not following Jesus, (and we obviously aren't), then just who are we following? This is something we all need to be asking ourselves as we comtemplate the deep-rooted ills of our society.

Where is the love? Why are our children running around with pent-up anger so explosive that they actually manifest the things we only think of doing - like murdering someone? Where is the love in those children's hearts? Where is the love in those children's parents' hearts? Where are the lessons in self-control and self-discipline?

I'd say our souls have been neglected far too long. We all need to learn how to love, truly love each other as Jesus commanded us to do! This is the primary purpose of this provide the lessons we are not getting.

Spiritual enlightment and development, is (or should be) a major part of every religion. All true religions have universal truths. This is what makes them all of "one fold" as Jesus spoke of. Love is universal, God is universal, and so are we, if we but only let ourselves be. Note that this is a choice. Some of us are choosing to close our minds as well as our hearts to embrace the lower realms of existence............Why, I ask you, why?

If a man dreams of peace, then he should not wage war.
If a man dreams of love, then he should not harbor hate.
If a man dreams of freedom, then he should not shackle
his soul. In many ways, we are our own worst enemies!

Below, are the necessary lessons that we all need to master. May your journey here be fruitful. It is the only reward I seek. If I can, at the very least, make you smile, then my mission has been accomplished.......Starlight

Thank You!


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Lessons In Soul-Development

You cannot teach a man anything, you can
only help him to find it within himself.


The Soul Defined

In order to understand what soul-development is, we must first define the soul. According to Webster the soul is an entity unto itself, yet a very integral part of our being. While the body is physical, the soul is spiritual. And so we have two distinct bodies to develop.

Ever wonder why we have two of everything? Two eyes, two eyebrows, two nostrils, two lips, two lungs, two legs, two arms and even two brains! Wouldn't it follow that each of us has two whole bodies as well?

Besides the physical one, we also have a mental/spiritual body which is comprised of knowledge from both the physical and spiritual worlds. If one of the two is lacking you are like a bird with a broken wing. The experiences of both worlds are needed to create a perfect balance within.

While the physical development is automatic (dictated by internal programming in our DNA) the spiritual is not. We do not automatically develop our divine qualities and become angels, but they are there latent within us all. Just as every single acorn has a great, mighty oak tree within it, so too, does every single human-being have a saint, angel, or perfect spiritual being (like Jesus) within. Jesus is the perfect model of what we all can attain.....He even said we could do..... greater..... works then Him...(John14:12). Imagine that!

Now that we know the soul, or spiritual body, does, indeed, exist, we need to further realize that the highest characteristics of our souls need to be developed. But just how do we do this?....Through prayer?....Through wishful thinking ? Through dreams? I think not. In order to master any learning process, one must first understand the process itself while also possessing a very strong desire for the end-results.

What are the end-results here? Mere perfection? Do we really know what we are all capable of? To attain perfection (the highest state of being) one needs to perfect his/her soul. The verb "perFECT" denotes a process - a learning process! Now isn't this the sole reason we are here? And isn't it this that distinguishes us from the animal kingdom? I ask you, what else is there?


Intelligence Unlimited

An animal's intelligence is limited. It seems as if ours is not. We are capable of learning new things everyday and at any age. We can create or construct whatever is needed, such as a bridge, or tunnel, to cover miles and miles of water. We can now manipulate genes and transplant organs to overcome deadly diseases, extend life, and eventually conquer death (the final victory). Does that not make us, by design, the gods of this earth?

What more, personally, are we capable of? What is your highest potential? Why, as a whole, are we ignoring this most important part of ourselves? What is preventing us from growing spiritually? Who, I ask, who is stifling us? Really think about that once, please.

We can not miss something we've never had, and so we go through life blindly, so unaware of the fruits we could be enjoying. But, from the examples of Jesus and other great men, and using our imagination, a very powerful tool, we can easily imagine what those fruits are. What would your life be like, if you really worked hard at being a loving, kind, generous, forgiving, happy, healthy person all the time? Don't we all long for this? Why, even our U.S. Constitution guarantees us the right to pursue happiness.

But how can we be truly happy if we are yet immature and not fully-developed (spiritually)? Where are the lessons we so desperately need?....Is Church and Sunday school enough? (Obviously not!) If it were, all church-goers (temple-goers and mosque-goers) would be fully developed people? Just how many perfect, happy, healthy, loving human beings are there?

Why is there so much turmoil in our lives (personally and collectively)? Why are there so very few truly happy and contented individuals? What is this nagging, incessant void in our lives that we try to fill with sex, gambling, drugs, alcohol, food, money, or other unhealthy addictions? Why are we so discontent and quick to anger? Where is the love?

There are many people who truly love God and attend church (or whatever other building) on a regular basis to worship "Him". But do they attend because they truly want to, or do they attend because they feel they have to? Those that feel they have to attend are laden with guilt-trips first from their parents then from the ministers and church itself. To those most unfortunate people, I say think once, is it absolutely necessary to go anywhere to worship God? Can "He" not be worshipped any time, any place, and in a myriad of ways? Perfect attendance is not the key to spiritual growth! And to attend church just for appearance's sake does not develop your soul. To make someone smile does. It is the deed, the actions from the heart, that manifest our level of being.

Spiritual Levels

As in every learning (developmental) process, there are levels to attain, from the very basics to the mastership levels. What (spiritual) level do you think you are currently at? Are you in "1st grade", "7th grade", or about to graduate and become a saint? It's quite obvious that there are many "kindergarteners" out there, especially on the web, but they are just that, spiritually-immature adults, and children, caught in the joys of the flesh (physical/material) rather then the spiritual. They are not evil (from the devil) only immature.

When an animal kills or rapes, we can easily see how natural (from nature) such behavior is. Do we say that animal is evil, the devil made him do it? Of course not. Then why do we not see this same natural (low spiritual level) in man when he kills and rapes? Why do we hear he's evil?


Darkness = The Absence of Light
Evil / Devil = The Absence of Good / God

Evil, then, is not an external force wrestling with the good, but rather, the manifestations of spiritually-undeveloped people - the self-centered behavior of "kindergarteners" like fighting, teasing to the point of cruelty, impatience, and even rage. All these low-level behaviors are programmed within each and every one of us from day one. They are............primordial instincts (internal programs) ingrained in the brain for survival purposes, just like in the animal-kingdom. The less spiritually-developed we are, the more akin to the animal, we remain!

So you can see how important it is that every child is properly trained and loved! But if the parents, themselves are severely lacking, or distracted by the quests of material wealth, what other consequences can we expect then what we're seeing today?

Just saying, "I love you" is not enough. Nor is showering children with presents, money, and other bribes good for them either. Teaching them good manners, ethics, and good self-control is worth more then all the toys and money in the world! If adults can not teach these higher spiritual qualities, then they should not be having children! Unfortunately, it is too easy to procreate! And the ones who shouldn't be rearing children are. Such is the dilemma we are in! How do you stop (so many) spiritually-undeveloped people from having children? How do you help those who cannot help themselves? How do you help anyone in this society? Who listens? Who even cares?

Spiritual Graduation

We are born totally helpless and self-centered, and therefore,
totally dependent on others for all our needs: physical, mental,
emotional, and spiritual.We need to be taught everything! And
when we are taught to share, be compassionate, loyal, honest,
and polite, we are being taught (and shown) a higher world-order,
a higher state of being (then the animal). That higher world is of
the spiritual. It is the one we all prefer. But to gain it, we all
need to strive for it.

You, yourself, only need to be concerned with your own little
world. This includes perfecting your own soul and being aware
of your you are affecting those around you.
Are you a joy to be around? Would you want to marry a person
that looks and acts like you?

Become the person you desire and you will become fulfilled,
no longer feeling that void within. Remember, it's all within!
To receive love you need to know how to give it ! The next
pages will show you how to manifest Spiritual Love.

It is so crucial for you to realize how important your spiritual
progress is, for it takes an entire class to graduate! No one can
do it alone! Masters are needed also (just like in school) to teach
by word and example. We must all do our part so that mankind,
as a whole, can graduate together!

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